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Isabel Anchorena

Director | Galeria Isabel Anchorena Buenos Aires Argentina


Isabel Anchorena is a visionary art dealer and gallery owner. She is the director of the Isabel Anchorena Galeria De Arte, a leading contemporary arts facility in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

As the owner, Ms. Anchorena is tasked with managing the complex operations of the gallery. She works directly with the artists whom she represents, manages installation and setup for exhibitions, trains the gallery staff and travels the world to attend art fairs and other events.

Ms. Anchorena's passion for the arts extends back to her childhood love of painting and designing. Before opening her gallery, she had a varied career from which she gained valuable perspective and a broad base of experience that has fueled her present success.

The Isabel Anchorena Galeria de Arte is dedicated primarily to the work of contemporary Argentinean artists. Ms. Anchorena's fundamental goal is to help her artists to grow and gain new audiences. Her success in this role has much to do with her own commitment to continual learning and personal growth.

Ms. Anchorena holds degrees in art history and journalism.

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